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Hustle Junkie Entertainment is now offering great graphic designing services to the public and corporates. We provide quality and professional work at a speedily rate. We specialise in flyers, posters,invitations, business cards and facebook ads mostly. Contact us for business.



Hustle Junkie Entertainment is a company which was founded in August 2010 in Klerksdorp, North West, South Africa by Warren Cashking.

Since then the company has managed to be thee most recongnised record label locally which has brewed and promoted many talents in the Kosh. The founder, Warren Cashking, who is a former Dj and Music Producer went on to be a Artist Manager and Club promoter to which his vast experience in those departments inspired him to form his own Entertainment company. 

The company's sole purpose was to sign and promote local musicians and as years went on Warren Cashking acquired more skills in Graphic and Website Designing and went on to develop those divisions under the company. The company is now a well rounded company which offers Music production, Event Management, Talent Management, Booking Agency, Graphic Designing, Sound Hire, Website Designing, Video Production, Photography and Merchandise Printing.

Hustle Junkie Entertainment prides itself on the roll it played in many local artists careers. The company has worked with musicians such as Zuki, KR, Tahir Jones, MDB, Andy, Lim B, Young P, Stapheman, K-nine, Trio Fuse (Dj Couza and Blacknerd), Rhymestein, Venim, Mello G and many more...

Clubs which they have worked with are:

*Shingwedzi Lounge (Rustenburg)

*Elnino Lounge (Mafikeng)

*The Warehouse (Mafikeng)

*Sports Lounge (Potch)

*Moo Bar (Rio Casino Klerksdorp)

*Goodfellas (Klerksorp)

*Afro Lime (Klerksdorp)

*Marula Lounge (Klerksdorp)

*Oxyegn Lounge (Rustenburg)

*Themba's Car Wash (Alexandra)

*Mzanzi Lounge (Ormonde)

*Marula Lounge (Westonaria)

*Cargo Lounge (Nelspruit)

*Pillars Pub (Kanana)

*Blue House (Kanana)

*Swingle (Kanana)

*Nkandla (Khuma)

*MSK (Khuma)

*121 Kagiso Drive (Wollies)

*Days Pub (Bothaville)

*Nkandla (Ventersdorp)

*And many more...

Hustle Junkie Entertainment has achieved various accolades such as:

*Being awarded the Most Recognised Record Label by Matlosana Entertainment Music Awards.

*Its tracks used as Jingles at Star Fm (Klerksdorps Local Radio Station).

*Its tracks topping charts on Star Fm.

*Its artist being featured on Yfm Hot 99 and Siz and Scoop Freestyle Segments.

*Its artist being featured on Hype Mag

*Label being featured on Moja Magazine (Klerksdorp's Local Magazine).

*Acquiring a feature with Maraza.

*Acquiring a feature USA Dj/Producer Harrison Crump.

*Working with Ruff (Ambitiouz Entertainment).

*Working with Kid X (Raplyf).

After its brief break from the entertainment industry, Hustle Junkie Entertainment, decided to come back in the game and pick things up from where it left off so expect more bigger and greater things from the label from this year forth.

Stay Blessed.



What We Do.

We specialise in: 

*Music Production

*Event Co-ordination

*Club Promotion

*Sound Hire

*Merchandise Printing

*Graphic Designing

*Website Development

*Talent Management

*Booking Agents

Graphics Designing

Entertainment Division


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